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Vienna (pop. 2 million):

Re'uth Scheugasse 12/18, A-1100 Wien, Austria 43 1 602 4056 mailto:reuth@gay.at http://reuth.gay.at

World Champion Athlete: Erik Schinegger was born as Erika to a prosperous farming family in Austria's Kaernten mountains June 6, 1948. He was a powerful skier who clocked times better than the men and had a deep voice. At Sun Valley in 1965, Schinegger won a downhill. In 1966 Schinegger won the World Alpine Ski Championships. Austria named Schinegger Athlete of the Year. Before competing in the '68 Olympics in Grenoble, France, Erik discovered that he was intergender and transitioned. After recovery from gender confirmation surgery Erik resumed racing on the men's Europa Cup tour and won three races in the winter of 1968-69. Erik, 21, became a ski instructor. He married in 1975 and wrote the autobiography Sieg über mich: Erik/Erika Schinegger. Der Mann, der Weltmeisterin wurde in 1988. Today, Erik Schinegger is a father of two and a ski school operator in his home village of Agsdorf. A documentary of Erik's life story was made in 2005. (Fry. J. (2005). Women's Champ Was Male)

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