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Shanghai (pop. 9 million):

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HiStory: Hua Mu Lan, also known as Fa Mulan, joined the Chinese army and fought for twelve years in the fifth century in China, so impressing his commanding officer that he offered him his daughter in marriage. Hua Mu Lan is celebrated in plays and poetry and was the subject of an animated film by Disney.

HiStory: Qinxiong, 1890's (born Jiu Jin) was a Chinese revolutionary. Qinxiong "compete with men" wore men's clothes, wrote against restraints against women, was tried for treason and beheaded in 1907 by the Manchu government.

The Chinese term for FTM is Bian xing ren (change sex person). The availability of SRS in China since 1983 led 'Kam' (FTM) to tell his story in the South China Morning Post (9th Jan. 1994 Living life as husband and wife. South China Morning Post, Reporter Ruth Mathewson)

A-gang, the first Chinese FTM to have phalloplasty surgery at a Shenzhen hospital May 31 2003, received a marriage certificate from the government, the Xi'an Evening Post reported. The 29-year-old was married to Xiaoli in a ceremony in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Gengzi (born Geng Junlan), a 31 year old graphic designer from the Ningxia Hui region had phalloplasty surgery in Zhongshan Hospital, Xiamen, Guangzhou, east China's Fujian Province with Dr Xiu Zhifu, the Southeast Express and Southern Metropolis Daily reported. Gengzi already had mastectomy and hysterectomy in Fujian Province. (Shenzhen Daily, 19 July 2005)

Chen Huanran is a doctor in the plastic surgery department at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences that specializes in SRS surgery. "As many as 3,000 people come to us every year," Dr Chen told China Daily. (23 November 2003 China People's Daily Online)

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Hong Kong (pop. 4.5 million):

The first HK SRS operation was in 1981. Government financed SRS is available. After surgery, FTMs can change their name by deed poll at a District Administration Office. However, the name on one’s birth certificate stays the same. The Immigration Department will change his identity card if he has surgery, however, a "B" is included after the identity number, to note the fact that the ID card is different from his birth certificate. After receiving a new ID card, FTMs can change driver's license, credit cards and bank accounts. Hong Kong law provides protection against discrimination and harassment in employment through the Disability Discrimination Ordinance. Once an FTM has received a new identity card, he can apply for a replacement Hong Kong SAR passport. It is not possible for FTMs to marry in Hong Kong. On entering into a new insurance contract after SRS, he must disclose his previous gender assignment. Yu Lu Chinese children. yulu_sdu@hotmail.com Eleanor Cheung U Hong Kong. eleanorcheung222@yahoo.com Robyn Emerton U Hong Kong robyn@hkusua.hku.hk Mark King meking@hkusua.hku.hk Jessica Park heli44hk@yahoo.com

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