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Tokyo 123 (pop. 26 million):

FTM Nippon Contact Masae Torai, Adachi-ku, Adachi-Nishi-post office-dome, Tokyo, Japan.

The term for FTM in Japanese is Newhalf. SRS has been available since 1998 in Japan. (Ako, T., Takao, H., Yoshiharu, I., Katsuyuki, K., Osamu, I., and Yutaka, U. (2001). Beginnings of SRS in Japan.) J-IS http://home3.highway.ne.jp/pesfis/ Mark Mclelland m.mclelland@mailbox.uq.edu.au

Professional Racing Athlete: Hiromasa Ando is a professional speedboat racer in Japan. He transitioned publicly at age 39 when he told a news conference that the Japan Motorboat Racing Federation had recognized his application to compete as a man. Shukan Shincho (4/11) reported Ando is one of only a handful of people to have undergone surgery since legalized in Japan in 1998. Connell, R., Mainichi Daily 4 April 2002

Documentation Discrimination: Takafumi Fujio is a typical, middle-aged food company worker. Four years ago he was a housewife and mother of two. Fujio is one of an estimated 10,000 Japanese trans. Under a 2004 law, only unmarried, childless applicants can change their official gender after SRS. Fujio isn't eligible to change his official documents because he has children. His ex-husband's family has allowed him to see his children only once since the divorce four years ago. (By Hiroko Tabuchi Associated Press 8 May 2006 Out of the closet: Japan's trans gain freedoms, but still face barriers. Mainichi Daily News)

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