FTM Korea

Pusan (pop. 3.4 million):

Prof. Kim Seok-kwun of Dong-A University's College of Medicine in Busan has performed 220 gender reassignment operations. (3 June 2006 Gender Reassignment Expert Talks Out of School. The Chosun Ilbo & Digital Chosun Ilbo)

Seoul (pop. 11.2 million):

Korean S Minority Culture and Rights Center (KSCRC) http://www.kscrc.org

The first SRS was conducted by Dr Koo Sang-Hwan in 1989.

Taegu (pop. 2 million):

A milestone Supreme Court ruling allowed a female-to-male trans to legally change gender on the family registration record and change resident registration numbers. The 13-digit number starts with "1'' for men, and with "2'' for women. Many who have difficulty getting jobs have worked as non-regular workers without benefits such as medical insurance. (Rahn, K. 24 June 2006. Trans Ruling to Bring Changes. The Korea Times)

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