FTM Lithuania

HiStory: Captain (Emilie) Plater-Zyberk (1806-1831) was born in Vilnius Lithuania in 1806. Captain Plater-Zyberk became fascinated by history and military matters at a young age. On frequent visits to Poland Captain Plater-Zyberk was inspired by the Polish nationalist cause and, in 1830, led armed peasants against the Russian occupiers and took possession of the fort at DŁnaberg. Captain Plater-Zyberk's bravery in battle was rewarded with a promotion to Captain of the 1st regiment of Lithuania. Caught in a Russian ambush in 1831, Captain Plater-Zyberk was badly wounded and died on 23 December in a forest in Samogitie. Captain Plater-Zyberk's exploits have been immortalised in Hickiewicz's poem 'Death of a Colonel', and Captain Plater-Zyberk's portrait appears on the 20 Zlotis bill.

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