FTM Mexico

Mexico City (pop. 15 million):

Dr.Fernando Urrutia MD DF Mexico 5753253 chest FTM surgery

Guadalajara (pop. 2.3 million):

HiStory: Kahlo was a surrealist painter. A family photograph from 1926 shows Kahlo in full male attire. Several photographic studies show Kahlo in men's clothing, and in one famous self-portrait Kahlo sits, shaven-headed, wearing a man's suit, surrounded by discarded hair. Kahlo died in 1954.

Monterrey (pop. 2 million):

Dr Jaime Caloca MD Tijana Mexico 011 52 664 634 http://www.medi-systems.com/ms/drcaloca/contenido.cfm?cont=M chest FTM surgery

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