FTMInternational FACTS


  • Contributes to FTM advancement through information and networking meetings: over 2,500
  • Sponsors local and regional chapters and events to build FTM community
  • Sponsors internet communities for accurate information and support
  • Sponsors and provides support to conferences including the First FTM Conference of the Americas
  • Responds to requests for information: more than 60,000
  • Presents panels, workshops, trainings, papers and speakers including media, documentaries, radio, television, magazines and newspapers
  • Publishes the FTMI website (www.ftmi.org) reaching over 100,000 new visitors every day
  • Publishes books, manuals, anthologies, directories, CDs, audiotapes and for 30 years The FTM International Newsletter distributed to subscribers and bookstores all over the world

    FTMInternational builds FTM community

    FTMInternational and cognate groups provide support meetings for FTMs and their families in cities throughout the world. FTMInternational spans 18 countries and 30 years.

    FTMInternational provides local and regional chapters with meetings, activities and services

    FTMInternational chapters provide educational activities, support meetings, information, networking and referral services since 1986. See FTMInternational Meetings.

    FTMInternational provides educational and informational resources

    We have been publishing our quarterly newsletter since September 1987. See FTMInternational Publications and FTMInternational Newsletter.

    FTMInternational promotes FTM visibility

    FTMInternational partners and participates in 2016 in the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, the Transgender MultiFaith Leadership Summit, The Transgender Jewish Roundtable and many more events, in 2015 in the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference and the Transgender Religious Leadership Summit, in 2014 in the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, the Transgender Religious Leadership Summit and The LGBT Jewish Clergy Summit, in 2013 in the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, the Transgender Religious Leadership Summit and The Transgender Jewish Conference, in 2012 in the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, the Transgender Religious Leadership Summit, in 2011 in the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, Southern Comfort Conference, WPATH Conference, Transgender Religious Leadership Summit and the Transgender Leadership Summit, in 2010 at the Southern Comfort Conference, the Transgender Leadership Summit, the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and the Transgender Religious Leadership Summit, contributed grants in 2009 to promote the Transgender Leadership Summit (fullpage ad), in 2008 to publicize the Transgender Leadership Summit (fullpage ad) and IFGE (fullpage ad) and 2007 to publicize the FORGE Forward Conference (fullpage ad), Trans March (fullpage ad), Southern Comfort (fullpage ad) and the Gender Odyssey and Family Conference (fullpage ad), presented films in 2007, 2008 and 2009 in sponsorship with Frameline, Outfest and Fusion and co-sponsored the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 California Transgender Leadership Summit conferences, Pride events and Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremonies partnering with transgender grassroots community-based organizations in cities across America and the world.

    Find out about legal rights, female-to-male transition, health and successful FTMS in all walks of life at FTMInternational Law Resources, Mens World, FTMInternational HealthCare and Trans-Medicine.

    FTMInternational Board of Directors

    FTMI President and President of the FTMI San Buenaventura Chapter Rabbi Levi Alter
    Rabbi Levi is the spiritual leader of his congregation and as a parent he has often been asked to counsel the families of young FTMs. Levi worked tirelessly on the case of a young FTM in solitary confinement at a women's prison without access to his testosterone and succeeded in having his hormone replacement therapy reinstated. His previous professional experiences include being on the clinical faculty of UCLA Medical Center, being a university department chairman and professor and being the executive director of a television production company and a computer consulting firm. He is the director of a health care corporation and his current work for trans inclusion in religion, health care and other fields includes being a keynote speaker or organizer for major conferences and events, being interviewed on LOGO MTV, MSNBC Newsweek, BBC Radio and many other documentaries and media appearances and founding the FTMI Trans Health Clinic for Southern California in Los Angeles. Levi was honored with the Icon Award for lifetime service to the FTM community June 5, 2005 at Trans Unity Pride. levi@ftmi.org

    FTMI Vice President and FTMI Newsletter Editor-In-Chief Rev. Alexander Yoo MA MFTI
    Alexander brings his expertise in the WPATH Standards of Care as a community service provider therapist to the board and facilitates the FTM+ Coming Out Group sponsored by FTMI at the LAGLC and a Partners of Trans Folk group. A leading Gender Diversity Clinician and Applied Community Psychology Specialist, Alexander educates mental health and medical providers on gender issues, cultural competency, and EEO Compliance training as an organizational development consultant to businesses, institutions, health providers, government bodies, and educational systems. Founder of Total Wellness!, a collaborative trans/gender/LGBT speakers bureau and workshop series addressing medical, psychological, and community health, Alexander also serves on the Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association (LAGPA) Board of Directors. He is 2003's Recipient of the Pride Award (“FTM of the Year”), 2004's Recipient of the IFGE TSELF scholarship and 2005's Recipient of the Excellence Award and the subject of a 2008 major pictorial article and interview on the transgender Korean American community in the leading magazine KorAm. As an Asian person of color immigrant he is proud to represent people of color and people of gender, faith and cultural diversity on the board of FTMI. alexander@ftmi.org

    FTMI Executive Board Member Kimrey Lee
    Kimrey is on the FTMI Executive Board and Finance Committee. He has been a FTMI and FTM ALLIANCE member since the beginning of his transition in 2000 and is a former church youth pastor. Kimrey has a strong passion to educate others in the understanding of FTMs’ experiences and issues. Kimrey recently was part of the LGBT reality show “World of Wonder,” has been on Dr. 90210, Maury Povich, and segments within three FTM related documentaries. He has been actively speaking and volunteering at colleges, various LGBT (GLAAD, TREVOR) and conservative religious groups as an active leader in the High Desert, CA FTM community.

    FTMI Board Member Kalil Cohen
    Kalil screened his film Queering Gender: A Look Beyond the Binary at Translations film festival in Seattle. He is a co-chair with the Community Clinics Campaign as an active leader in the Bay Area and Venice, CA FTM communities and is married to Karin.

    FTMI Board Member Mike Dennis, MS
    Mike has served for many years as a deacon at his church. He teaches at UCLA and is certified as a Public Finance Officer and is on the FTMI Executive Board and Finance Committee. Mike was on the national advisory board for GenderPac, on the board of FTM Alliance of Los Angeles and the West Hollywood Transgender Task Force as an active leader in the West Hollywood, CA community.

    FTMI Past President Dale Altrows
    Dale was the first FTMI President from outside the Bay Area and the first from outside the US, serving as FTMI President in Montreal, Canada. He is responsible for litigating for fairness in carrying out the correction of legal documents in Canada and wrote The FTM Yellow Pages Resource Directory distributed in bookstores throughout the world. FTM International is the largest and longest running (27 years) FTM trans organization in the world, active in all 50 states, all Canadian provinces, and 18 countries.

    FTMI Past President Drago Renteria
    Dragonsani "Drago" Renteria (http://drago.deafqueer.org) is a multilingual Deaf, Chicano/Italian FTM who is passionate about making a difference. He has presented to diverse audiences nationwide on LGBTIQ issues. He currently serves as CEO of DeafVision, Inc. and is the founder of the national Deaf Queer Resource Center. He has served on numerous local and national boards. A speaker in demand, Drago is adept at making his audiences feel at ease when discussing sensitive topics. In 1995 he was selected as a Grand Marshall of SF Pride. In 2002, he received a Bay Area Local Hero Award from KQED for his activism work and in 2006 was the Honorary Grand Marshall at Seattle Pride. Drago is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and lives blissfully in San Francisco with his partner Jennifer Mantle (also a former FTMI board member) and their adorable furkid, Magnus.

    FTMI Past President Dion Manley
    Dion is a craftsman and the proud father of a beautiful daughter. He lives in the heartland of the Midwest.


    FTMI Past President James Green MFA
    James led FTM and FTMInternational from 1991 to 1999. He was in educational documentaries and TV in the USA, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Columbia, and Canada and received awards from FTM International (1999, 2011), IFGE (1995, 1998), ICTLEP (1995) and TGSF (1996). He wrote Report on Discrimination Against Transgendered People (1994) and Becoming a Visible Man (2004). James is married to Heidi Green (also a former FTMI board member) and has two adult children.

    Founding President Lou Sullivan
    Lou held the first meeting of FTM in December of 1986 in San Francisco. Lou based FTM on the quarterly meetings and newsletters of Jeff Shevlowitz's group Under Construction launched in 1983 in Los Angeles. Jeff faithfully drove from Los Angeles to attend every meeting and later served as an FTMI board member. Board members from Anza, Berkeley, Geyserville, Richmond, Oakland, San Jose and Union City, California and Arizona, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, Australia and Canada have led FTMInternational as well. When Lou Sullivan died in 1991, James Green became the President and in 1997 FTMInternational members elected their first Board of Directors.

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