FTMI PUBLICATIONS: Create Community Connections Worldwide

FTM International publishes the FTM Newsletter for community connection worldwide. It has become the most widely circulated and most respected publication exploring the FTM experience.

Editor in Chief: Rev. Alexander Yoo MA MFTI
Contributing Editor: Rabbi Levi Alter
Featured Writers: Jacob Anderson-Minshall, Alex Bahr, Tom Birch, Cooper Lee Bombardier, Kalil Cohen, James Green, Aakash Kishore, Paris Leisure, Tucker Lieberman, Connor Maddocks, Lincoln Rose, Alex Salem, Reid Vanderburgh, Michael Woodward


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FTMI also publishes The FTMI Yellow Pages as a source of accurate referrals to therapists, physicians, endocrinologists, surgeons and other resources throughout the US and the world for FTMs.

FTMI sponsors moderated internet groups as a source of accurate, reliable information from one FTM to another. Click on any of these links to join the free internet group and connect to community. FTM_International is for up to the minute FTMI news and events announcements. FTM_International_Discussion and FTM-trans are for online support and information exchange. FTM_International_ AFLOAT is for "Allies, Friends, Loved Ones, and Tribe," the partners, parents, children, families, and friends of FTMs for support and discussion unique to their experiences and needs. Find out about legal rights, female-to-male transition, health and successful FTMS in all walks of life at FTMInternational Law Resources, Mens World FTMInternational HealthCare and Trans-Medicine