FTMInternational provides all members with a prescription discount card which can be used at most local pharmacies anywhere in the US to save 10-30% on all prescription medications, providing substantial savings for those who purchase testosterone out-of-pocket. The card is normally $10 a month but is provided as a benefit of FTMInternational membership at no charge, a savings of $120 a year. FTMInternational invites you to join us as a member and to build and strengthen FTM lives today! See FTMInternational Membership and Newsletter Subscription.

FTMInternational sponsors Tuesday Nights for T Community Clinic, A Transgender Community Service of Female-To-Male International that provides respectful care for the gender community at St. Nicholas Medical Clinic 5520 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 112 Los Angeles, CA 90038 on Tuesday Nights 5-10PM that accepts Medi-Cal, Medicare, PPO insurance and sliding scale without any letter or documentation requirement, a weekly transgender health clinic for gender related (hormones and surgery follow-up) and primary healthcare. To make an appointment or to ask questions about the clinic, email

FTMInternational sponsors, provides workshops, seminars, planning and support, and is a community partner for transgender health conferences such as the annual Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference.

FTMInternational President Levi Alter, director of a health care corporation, presents on transgender health care at hospitals, medical schools and medical conferences. FTMInternational Board Member Rev. Alexander Yoo MA MFTI teaches classes at psychology schools, presents workshops for therapists, serves on many trans health organization boards and facilitates the FTM+ Coming Out Group sponsored by FTMInternational at the LAGLC and the Partners of Trans Support Group. FTMInternational member Dr. R. Nick Gorton MD published Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men as a free gift to the FTM community. FTMInternational Past President James Green serves as a committee chairman of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

LEARN MORE ABOUT FTMS Find out about female-to-male transition and successful FTMS in all walks of life at Mens World

LEARN ABOUT MEDICAL CARE FOR FTM CHILDREN, TEENS AND ADULTS Find out about female-to-male transition and health at Trans-Medicine

Dr. Steve Dain

Dr. Steve Dain transitioned at age 35 and appeared in a documentary on HBO seven years later when he was 41. Steve lost his life to breast cancer.

Dr. R. Nick Gorton MD, FTMI member
Co-Author of the American College of Emergency Physicians Resolution

Robert Eads starred in the documentary Southern Comfort and is memorialized in the Robert Eads Health Project at the annual conference Southern Comfort (FTMI provided a $2,000 grant to publicize Southern Comfort 2007). Robert lost his life to ovarian cancer.

Dr. Kevin Maxey MD, Southern Arizona Gender Alliance and Dezert Boyz founder
Co-Author of the American College of Emergency Physicians Resolution

American College of Emergency Physicians Code of Ethics Resolution: “Provision of emergency medical treatment should not be based on gender, age, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, real or perceived gender identity, or cultural background.”

Dr. Richard Curtis, an FTM, physician for the British National Health Service

See a video of Vlad Wolanyk's "Taking Care of Business: A DIY Guide to Self Injecting 'T'".

Dr. Michael Laurence Dillon MD, first FTM to have gender affirmation phalloplasty

Accurate FTM Health Information and Resources: International and National

Transgender Health and the Law: Identifying and Fighting Health Care Discrimination by the Transgender Law Center (Community Sponsor Female-To-Male International)

Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A Guide For Health Care Providers by R. Nick Gorton MD, Jamie Buth MD, Dean Spade Esq.

An Overview of U.S. Trans Health Priorities 2004 by Jessica Xavier, Donald Hitchcock, Susan Hollinshead, Mara Keisling, Emilia Lombardi, Samuel Lurie, Diego Sanchez, Ben Singer, Moonhawk River Stone and Bobbi Williams.

Categorical Exclusions: Exploring Legal Responses To Health Care Discrimination

LGBT Health by Dean et al.

Research Into Surgical Decision-Making by Kit Rachlin, Ph.D..

Female-to-Male Urogenital Reconstruction: “The Centurion Procedure” By Tex McFaden, D.O.

Teaching IS Issues by Emi Koyama.


Dr. Alan Hart MD, first FTM to have gender affirmation hysterectomy

Accurate FTM Health Information and Resources: California

Medi-Cal and Gender Reassignment Procedures by The Community Health Advocacy Project and the Transgender Law Center (Community Sponsor Female-To-Male International)

County Medical Services Program CMSP

Dr. M. Edwards Walker MD, FTM Civil War hero awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor

Accurate FTM Health Information and Resources: Southern California

The Female-to-Male Transgender Community Experiences Multiple Barriers to Healthcare in Southern California by FTM Alliance of Los Angeles 2004

FTM Alliance Access to Primary Care Survey

Dr. James Barry MD, first FTM doctor, Inspector General of the British Medical Corps

FTM Health Coalition Building and Networking: International and National

International Journal of Transgenderism


"Gender Identity Disorder" Reform